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Equal Parenting Bill

*House Bill 803 has not become law yet*

House Bill 803 will shift how many parents in Texas share their parenting time. The current default in place for parents is a Standard Possession Order or an Expanded Standard Possession Order, either of these possession orders gives one parent the majority of the time during the year.

House Bill 803 would change the possession and access of the child(ren) to a 50/50 parenting schedule. This bill would mandate equal parenting time for children for parents who are fit to have equal access to their children. 

For more in-depth information on what HB 803 is please following this link:

House Bill 803

There are debates about the law and changing it. Currently, if parents can agree that a 50/50 split is in the best interest of the children and for parents, then it can be done in a divorce, suit affecting the parent-child relationship, or modification, even without this law is changed. 

Heather Hudson helps parents arrive at parenting schedules in a variety of ways that work best for the family.  Many families today have two parents who work full time outside of the home and while married or together were able to manage equal responsibility for raising and caring for their children.  Heather Hudson works hard at maintaining that family structure even after the parents have separated from each other. 

Some questions to ask yourself regarding 50/50: 

Are you willing to live within 10-15 miles of each other?

Will you and your ex be able to agree on the best schools if you are indifferent school districts?

Will you have a plan in place to equalize the payment of expenses for the children? Will there need to be an offset of child support paid to one parent?

Are you willing to work together to make joint decisions about your children's medical and mental health care among other important issues:

Will you be able to juggle your work schedules to meet the demands of school drop-offs and extra-curricular activities?

To learn more about your options, contact Heather Hudson today.

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